441 N. 10th Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837

68 H&S Drive
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

441 N. 10th Street
Lewisburg, PA 17837

68 H&S Drive
Selinsgrove, PA 178700

Wedding Items


White Coffee Cup 8oz

Rental – $.40 each


White Saucer, 6 1/8″

Rental – $.40 each

Bread/Butter Plate

White Bread/Butter Plate 6.5″

Rental – $0.44 each


White Soup Cup, 4.25″

Rental – $.40 each

Salad/Dessert Plates

Santa Fe Salad/Dessert Plate, 7.5″

Rental – $.47 each


White Dinner Plate, 10.5″

Rental – $.58 each


Water Glass

Excalibur water/iced tea glass, 16oz

Rental – $0.55 each

Champagne Flute

Excalibur Champagne Flute, 5.75oz

Rental – $0.55 each

Wine Glass

Excalibur Wine Glass, 10.5oz

Rental – $0.55 each


Bastia, Hammered Silverware is available in Dinner Fork, Salad Fork, Dinner Knife, Butter Knife and Teaspoon. 

Rental is $.30 per piece.

Chafing Dish

Chafing Dish 8 qt. 

Rental – $16.00 each 

Sterno sold separately for $1.25 each

Table Linens

We offer a wide range of linens and napkins. Please contact us for pricing and sizes.

Dance Floor

Wood parquet dance floor available in 15′ x 16′ for $325.00. Other sizes are available.

7 Gallon Silver Fountain

Rental – $65

Nantucket Archway

Gorgeous archway for your wedding. Measures 52 in inside x 60 in overall width x 102.25 in high. 

Rental – $45.00

Carolina Archway

This archway makes a beautiful addition for weddings. 50 in. inside width, 81.75 inch height and 78.3 overall width. 

Rental – $45.00

Portable Bar 6ft

The professional portable bar is great for any party. The bar collapses for easy transport and sets up in minutes. Unit can be used with or without led lighting. 

Rental – $65.00

Chocolate Fountain

This 3 tier unit can hold 14 lbs. of chocolate. We offer both Belgian Milk and Dark Chocolate, also available is the wooded skewers. 

Rental – $125.00

Chocolate sold separately.

Salt and Pepper Shakers

Salt & Pepper Shakers Rental $.70 per set

Lexan Pitcher

64 oz. Lexan Drink Pitchers. Rental $1.75 each

Coffee Maker

10-30 cup Coffee Maker is great for any event. Rents for $18.00

Insulated Drink Dispenser

5 Gal. Insulated Drink Dispenser $14.00

Insulated Coffee Pitcher

64 oz. Insulated coffee pitcher, rental $2.65